Hand Talk | Learn how to use accessibility on our website
Hand Talk | Learn how to use accessibility on our website

This Site Accessibility

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The Hand Talk website is designed to serve a wide audience by implementing accessibility features, following the recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level AAA of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the leading Web standardization organization, which develops technical specifications and guidelines for international use.

Thus, people with visual, hearing or learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, reduced mobility, photosensitivity, etc. and combinations of these features can navigate the site through features that have been implemented to ensure this access, such as high contrast, shortcut keys, keyboard navigation, sign language translator, among others.

This site has better accessibility when accessed on the most up to date versions of your web browser.
Always use the latest version of your software.

Support Contact

If you find any accessibility issues on this website’s pages, you can contact our development team and point out the difficulties encountered through the email below:

[email protected]

Acesso para Todos: Web Technologies, Accessibility, Business Consulting and Training

Support Contact

The Hand Talk website was developed and created by our partner Acesso para Todos , a web technologies company that specializes in creating visually appealing, functional and accessible websites for all audiences, with modern features, quality content, easy and intuitive navigation.

Navigation Tips

How to increase and decrease text size

This site is designed to allow you to efficiently use your browser's native zoom features. To increase the font and enlarge the content, just press the “Ctrl +” and “Ctrl -“ keys to decrease it. To restore the default size, press “Ctrl 0”.

Tab navigation

Use the Tab key to navigate through the elements that receive user action on the website, such as links, buttons, form fields and others, in the order they are presented in the page, and Shift + Tab to return. Use the directional arrows to access the textual information.

Browser Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome:

  • “Alt + 1” – go to the content
  • “Alt + 2” – go to the menu
  • “Alt + 3” – go to the footer
  • “Alt + 4” – Access this Accessibility Help page

Internet Explorer:

  • “Alt + number” and then press 'enter'.


  • “Alt + Shift + number”


  • “Shift + Escape + number”

Safari and OmniWeb:

  • “Ctrl + number”

Assistive Technologies

Suggested programs available for people with disabilities

Visual Impairment Software

  • Nitrous Voice Flux: controls the computer by voice. Free;
  • NVDA: screen reading software - multiple languages (Windows). Free;
  • YeoSoft Text: screen reader in English and Portuguese;
  • Jaws for Windows: screen reader - multiple languages;
  • Virtual Vision: screen reader in Brazilian Portuguese (Windows);
  • DOSVOX: system for the visually impaired people (Windows or Linux).

Note: Read the screen reader manual for the best way to navigate webpages.

Hearing Impairment Software

Hugo - Brazilian Sign Language Translator
You can install Hand Talk's Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) translation app, which translates text or audio content on your mobile phone.