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We connect people and companies through digital accessibility.

Hand Talk was created with the mission of breaking communication barriers through technology. Know the complete story.

Through technology we can cross borders and reach almost everywhere. And is through it that we are bringing people together, bringing more accessibility to millions of them and contributing to a fairer and more inclusive world.
Ronaldo Tenório
CEO of Hand Talk


Gifted Citizen Gifted Citizen

Most innovative solution in the world.

Gifted Citizen Prize. Puebla-MEX (2016)


Best Social app in Latin America.

Best accessibility app in Latin America. Elected by the UN as the best accessibility app in Latin America and Caribbean. Medellín-COL (2015)

Expo 2015 - Broadcast and New Media Technology Trade Show & Conference Expo 2015 - Broadcast and New Media Technology Trade Show & Conference

Best broadcast solution in Latin America.

Best broadcast and new media solution Latin America. SETup Challenge (2015)

IDB - Improving Lives IDB - Improving Lives

One of the 16 most innovative startups in Latin America.

BID. Demand Solutions, 2014.

Social Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur of the Future.

Folha de Sao Paulo, 2014.

Todos @ Web - National Web Accessibility Award Todos @ Web - National Web Accessibility Award

One of the three projects of web accessibility.

Elected by the W3C as one of the three best projects for web accessibility. [email protected] (2014).

Q Prize 2014 - Qualcomm Ventures Q Prize 2014 - Qualcomm Ventures

Most innovative startup in Latin America.

QPrize 2014, Qualcomm Ventures. São Paulo - Brazil / California - EUA.

Rio Info Rio Info

Most innovative startup in Brazil.

Rio Info 2012. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Global Centre for Pluralism Global Centre for Pluralism

Honorable mention

Global Pluralism Awards. 2017.

Google AI Google AI

One of the 20 selected organizations.

Google AI Impact Challenge. 2019.

WSA Mobile Content WSA Mobile Content

Best social app in the world

Elected by the UN the World's Best Social app. WSA-mobile, Abu Dhabi (2013)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Award

Ronaldo Tenório, Hand Talk CEO
One of MIT’s 35 Innovators Under 35 MIT
MIT Technology Review, Inovators Under 35

On Media


Brazilian startup wins Google competition of artificial intelligence.

Small Business and Big Business

Hand Talk receives an investment of R$ 2,5 million.

Ronaldo Tenório, digital entrepreneur: Deaf people live like strangers in their own country.

Ronaldo Tenório, digital entrepreneur: “Deaf people live like strangers in their own country”.

Globo News

Application connects blind with volunteers who "lend sight".


There are over 200 different sign languages being used in the world today.

Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) is one of the official languages of Brazil.

Libras is a language. It has it’s own morphology, syntax and semantics.

Deaf is not an offensive term. Actually, it is the best way to refer to hearing impaired people that use Libras.

Watch: The impact of the silence

The 'Impact of the silence' series was made by Hand Talk with idea of giving voice to deaf people, opening a space for their stories with Libras and the accessibility barriers they face daily